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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

(whew long title, no?)

Ok we're 3 weeks into the challenge and we survived Cary's birthday, the fair, and Halloween!

The first week=success! I lost a pound and Cary lost 2 (say what? i know, boys)

The second week I lost another pound! Cary lost 1 pound... he wasn't able to work out much but he still made progress!

The third week... well... I lost 1/2 pound and Cary didn't lose anything. We had a rough week and workouts and healthy eating took a hit.

What I learned from this week?

The importance of starting the day off with a healthy start and not letting your hunger get away from you. On monday, I had a lot of running around and was only able to grab a bar for breakfast and a small sandwich for lunch and by 6 pm this nursing mama was famished! So what did I do? Eat half a frozen pizza... naturally. Yikes. Followed by some pumpkin bread and too many chocolate chip cookies (they were for visiting and home teachees--but when you haven't eaten all day you somehow think that justifies eating ten billion calories in one sitting).

Cary's excuse? He had a sweet invite only job conference at the Umstead Hotel and Spa (that's my man!) and I'm informed he had some of the best meals of his life. (I can't blame him. If I got to eat at 4 star restaurant food for free I'd want to try everything too).

Anywhooooo ... so tidbits for success that I'm gonna be sure to follow this week:

1. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up 

2. I try to eat something every 3 hours. The 5 "meals" a day doesn't always work for my schedule and I like to eat a more traditional dinner with Cary, but I at least try to squeeze in some fruit or nuts or veggies in between meals.

3. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, but I'm aiming for more since I'm nursing.

4. Measure proper portions.

5. Make sure every meal has carbs and protein to curb hunger and boost metabolism!

And that's the update. Off I go to walk the kiddos around the block a few times!


Whitney B. said...

In your halloween pic you looked so skinny!! Keep up the great work!

Danny and Kaelynn Baird said...

Keep it up! :) I started about the same time you did, but I have a bit more to lose than you. It's always fun to join in on a challenge, though. ;)

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