We're up all night to get lucky

Monday, November 18, 2013

Today is November 18th.

It's Cary's lucky day...
according to a fortune cookie we got in the hospital after Tucker was born.


In Cary's world this means he is going to win the lottery.


I'm trying to convince him that a "lucky day" would be winning $100, $50, heck even $20 and you only need to buy a scratch off to win that...

But, bless his heart, the man dreams big. Ya know. Go big or go home!

So here's hoping and praying he doesn't spend too much on tickets ;) and that maybe we actually do get lucky! How fun would that be? It'd sure make for a good story, and I LOVE a good story.

*Side Note: We realize gambling is wrong and a serious problem for some people and I am not in any way encouraging gambling
**Although I'm fairly positive none of my friends or family buy lottery tickets, I feel obliged to say if you have a problem gambling there is a helpline posted on the back of your ticket (877) 718-5543
***Ok, now stop being a prude and judging. Let Cary have his fun--it's not very often I loosen the purse strings ;)


Whitney B. said...

R loves lotto tickets too, no judgement here!

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