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Monday, November 11, 2013

Zoey is 2!!!!

I'm inclined to say "I can't believe she's already 2!" or "where did the time go?," but really, I regularly have to remind myself that she's just 2.

Zoey is a bright, clever little girl that is more intelligent than her age signifies. She regularly puts things together I wouldn't expect, asks questions to which I don't know the answers, and seems to be one step ahead of me at all times. The doctor is always shocked at the advancements she's made and honestly so are we.

She is a bundle of energy and rarely pauses to catch her breath. She is also one of the most clumsy little kids I've ever seen!

She loves learning and constantly asks "what's that?"

She forever changed our world 2 years ago and i've finally forgiven her for being 2 weeks late ;)  Although she pushes me to my limits I wouldn't want it any other way. We're truly blessed to have this little spirit help us grow and become better people and parents. We love our Zoey girl and look forward to all the shenanigans we'll have this coming year!

Pizza for birthday dinner

Possibly her favorite part about her birthday: a balloon

Don't touch my toys!

 So excited she got money!

Not my prettiest cookie cake, but it tasted good!
And she even blew out the candle herself!

Pushing her shopping cart of goods

More presents in the mail! Thanks emily

I made her "makeup" (empty containers filled with dried nail polish)
and she loves it. She puts on makeup 20 times a day now.


Kaley said...

Did you do that writing on that cookie cake?! Amazing! And I love the idea of the make-up! So cute!

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