This is halloween, this is halloween

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I gotta admit I was the Grinch of Halloween this year.

The stress of coming up with cutesy, matching themed costumes for the family got to me. Too much pressure, too much time and money we don't have led me to curse this silly holiday.

But then the actual holiday rolled around, and my heart grew 3 sizes.

Halloween with Zoey was a blast this year! She finally put on a costume! She mastered "Trick or Treat" followed by "thank you soo much." And she got REALLY excited about the concept of asking for candy and people giving it to you, she started asking everyone she saw.

She's seriously cute that kid.

We had a great day filled with festivities at southern village, neighborhood trick or treating, Chipotle for dinner, and a few treats at the mall too.
 look at tiny t standing!

Next year sure has a lot to live up to :)


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