And baby even on our worst nights

Monday, January 27, 2014


Sheesh, where does time go? Except I also wonder how he's only 5 months old? August was forever ago!

Tucker Stats

-14 lb 7 oz (11%)

-Height is 45%
-Tucker started solid foods! He is still figuring out how to eat off a spoon, he tries to slurp it up, but he LOVES rice cereal so far. He screams when it takes me more than a second to get more food on the spoon.

-He had his first flight to Colorado and took it like a champ. He only cried at the very end.

-He can roll over from stomach to back and back to stomach, but he lacks motivation and usually stays just where you put him.

-He also can sit by himself... for about 5 seconds when he nosedives head first.

-Oh and his laugh is probably one of the best ever



Whitney B. said...

So sweet!

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