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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ok, I can't just tell you my goals. I, for some reason, feel the need to spread my love of goal setting and explain why I think it's important first ;) (scroll to bottom for my actual goals)


1. Goals give you something to plan and work for (read: energy and focus to progress)
2. Goals make the unachieveable achievable. Breaking a goal into steps over a year increases motivation and satisfaction
3. Goals fuel ambition.
4. Goals hold us accountable.
5. Goals help us figure out what we really want.
6. Goals help us live a full life by helping us achieve those things we want to achieve.

As I was researching and trying to decide what exactly I want out of 2014, I came across the book the 4 hour work week. The author recommends having a "dreamline" where you write down things you dream of having (house, great clothes, etc), being (great cook, fluent in foreign language), and doing.

If you're struggling to think of goals for the year he recommends
-1 place to visit
-1 thing to do before you die (memory of a lifetime)
-1 thing to do daily
-1 thing to do weekly
-1 thing you've always wanted to learn.


Anywho... after deciding on some goals, and then actually taking into account the reality that I live in, and re-deciding on some goals, I came up with goals that will be challenging but do-able... hopefully ;)

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1. Read the entire Standard works.
-(Yup here we go again, but with 2 months under my belt. And they say it only takes 21 days to make a habit, blah, blah, blah...)

2. Run a half marathon. 
-Yikes. Right now the High County Triple Crown in Boone NC on August 24 looks like the one.

3. Cut out negative talk around Zoey. 
-About myself and about others because as Cary and I like to say "Little piggies have big ears"
-To make this quantifiable Cary got me a jar and everytime I slip I have to put a quarter in the jar that he gets to spend however he wants (read: I better be careful or I see lots of lotto tickets in the future... (or maybe he'll buy me a book on how to be positive ;))

4. Once a month spend at least an hour learning about photography and practicing with the camera.

As for Cary, he has decided it's the year of the 6-pack Abs! 

HERE WE COME 2014!!! 


Whitney B. said...

Woo! Woo!

emily said...

I like your resolutions. Good luck!

Kaley said...

Great goals! Thanks for inspiring me. My new year's goals the last two year shave completely changed and become much more productive thanks to your example!

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