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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


You may recall that Cary's New Years Resolution is "the year of the 6 pack."

Well, in an effort to help him achieve his goal and because we're always looking to earn a little extra $$... we signed up for this

Eeek. I'm a bit nervous about losing 4 percent! That's not insane, but it's serious, and well, goodbye sweet tooth--see you in a month.

So wish me luck!

We're hoping to double our monies and be healthier for it. If you're gonna bet, might as well bet on yourself I say. 

Feel free to get crazy with me and sign up, the more the merrier! 

And remember


Whitney B. said...

I've heard of a couple of these types of things going around. One is where you earn money for how much you lose? Not sure, I'll have to look into this, surely I would get a good chunk of cash after losing massive amounts of baby weight hahhaha :) Maybe?

Ashley said...

I need to post that e card on my fridge. Maybe it'll help me stop eating a whole bag of Hershey's nuggets in 2 days...maybe.

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