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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Update Tuesday
(Just kidding... I can't commit to an every tuesday thing, but it is time for updates...)

In reference to the title, man it can be so frustrating trying to communicate with little people who lack the language skills to tell you what the problem is... 

back to business


-He rolled over for the first time last week!
-He has found his toes and loves to play with them
-He's moved up to a size 2 diaper and weighs 14 lbs!
(I think zoey was in size 1 until she was 9 months old...)
-He's found his voice and babbles all the time. Loudly. 
-He's in the feel around while nursing stage. It was cute at first, and now I'm just sick of his hands all over my face while he eats--super annoying.
-He was at one point sleeping usually 6 hours at night, and is back to 3 hours being his longest stretch. It's killing me. I'll probably start solids next week.


(imagine Agnes voice about unicorns in despicable me)
We went out while it was raining, "PUDDLES! SO MUCH PUDDLES!!!"

"Mom, I want daddy to come home" "Oh really, why?" "Cause he's my best friend"

Cary and I had to run the YM/YW activity wednesday, so while she was running free in the church she found a book of mormon, tucked it under her arm and started marching "I got a book of mormon, mormon, mormon, A book of mormon..."
It was hilarious! I didn't know she even knew what a book of mormon was, and here she is marching off mission style.


Ashley said...

I love how Zoey knows what the Book of Mormon is (and what it's called.) Little ones are so observant and take everything in, don't they?!

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