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Thursday, November 20, 2008

So it's kind of sad that it has taken me 4 years to come to the realization that Provo actually has some delicious dining options other than the standard national chain (not that I'm knocking the chain restaurant, because that's what pays my bills, but seriously... you can do so much better.)

Also, I suppose I shouldn't be too shocked that it's taken me 4 years to realize this, considering my dislike for eating out combined with the fact that it's rarely my idea and I just tag-a-long with friends who lack creativity or diversity in dining options.

Anyhow, some of my favorites include (I hope you realize that this is a purely selfish blog and not for your reading entertainment, but on the off chance that I need to resort to my blog as a journal of sorts, I can remember the few things I loved about Provo):

1. Cafe Rio, of course... no list of fav. restaurants in provo is complete without the Rio
2. Kneader's Bakery Cafe... although their sandwiches are delicious, $4.99 all you can eat french toast... need I say more
3. Hickory Kist... amazing sandwiches, rarely crowded
4. Sammy's... hole in the wall places are usually my favorites and the pie shakes have sold me for life
5. Zupas... anyplace that gives you a chocolate covered strawberry to end your meal is a winner in my book, oh and the salads are amazing

Oh, I could go on and on about the great Indian places, and Thai Restaurants, and even Tucanos (the meat lovers paradise) or the ridiculous amount of dessert (more recently yogurt) stops, but I will leave my list at 5. They are all delicious, cheap, and do not employ waiters. In one word, perfect!

So anyone feeling a pumpkin pie shake?


"C" said...

You need to add Guru's to your list! I ate there the other day and it was awesome!! Although its probably a chain of some sort and I'm just not aware of it. Either way, chain or no chain, it was good!!!!

oh and lets go hit up sammy's sometime cause i am definitely feeling a real pie shake!!

Carla said...

i feel that guru's is a little overrated... course maybe that's cause deborah and I had like 100 bucks in gift certificates there and we just got tired of it real quick

Fish Nat!on said...

If you want some good chinese food (also shitty, you have to be careful) go to Rice King on center street. Its on the north side, sort of across from Taylor made, next to Gianini international salon. Any of the deep fried chickens are amazing. i recommend the sesame chicken. so freaking good. so freaking cheap. go there for lunch and its like 5 bucks. stay away from the pork, however. and their lo mein is pretty decent as well.

Petey said...

there's actually a whole world of other restaurants which are also delicious and non-chain (as well as some pretty frightening ones) if you broaden your search definitions to include wait staff.

I know, I know, you don't like tipping (although your livelihood depends upon it), but sometimes, it can be worth it...

Oh, and yeah, the pumpkin pie cheesecake shake, delicious.

Carla said...

it's not tipping that bothers me... it's the anxiety of not being obnoxious in a waiter's eyes but still getting something the way i want it, and waiting around for them, and then sometimes waiters just suck at life (i can say that :) cause i serve)

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