It's just a little crush...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sometimes I actually do enjoy my job. Mostly I enjoy the people I work with. Let me just share one moment with you...

So we're sitting around table 201 after our shift (technically i was still on, but i like to sit around on the job :)) Anyhow and we were talking about crushes, I think because somebody's horoscope said something about their crush. Soooo, Sam mentions that she had a crush on a guy named Travis Cain in the 4th grade. Well, then Ryan (Cain) chimes right in and says that Travis is his cousin. So of course we all kind of pause, because this is potentially hilarious, but think to ourselves well there's probably a lot of Travis Cain's. So Sam says "no it's not the same guy." And Ryan says "Yeah, Travis Cain from Valencia California right." Oh I wish you could have seen the look on Sam's face. I about died laughing. It was priceless. So, she further denies that it's the same guy and Ryan offers to call him. He whips out his cell phone and starts dialing a number. In a panic, Sam says "no, don't call him." Anyhow, after several more minutes of laughter Ryan admits that he doesn't have a cousin named Travis, he just happened to hear Sam mention one time that she went to elementary school in Valencia.

Good times. Anyhow, this leads me to my gratitude list

November 3
-Papa John's pizza... yum
-Ryan and his wittiness that allowed me the second best laugh of the week
-Kneaders French Toast for breakfast

November 4
-Pushing Daisies and the funny/crazy phrases they make up like "pissing jitters"
-Laura, my roommate, for just laughing at Jo and me and our crazy antics and accepting us despite our silly escapades
-JoBabe for encouraging and laughing through all of the above. Sometimes I don't know what I'd do without my honey.


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