Your mind is in disturbia, it's like the darkness is the light

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sometimes I get up at 5 am. And sometimes when I get home at night I park in the underground parking so that I won't have to scrape my windshield in the morning.

I'll be honest, sometimes the underground parking kinda freaks me out. I mean I walk down there at 5 am, and it's dark outside and nobody else is up at that ridiculous hour of the morning. It wouldn't take much for a serial rapist to be sitting in between two cars with a knife just waiting to take advantage of a slightly delirious (only cause of the cold, I'm pretty alert right when I get up), cute (i can say that right, I mean I don't think I need a paper bag over my head), unsuspecting (provo gives you a false sense of security) young lady such as myself.

Perhaps, just perhaps, my imagination has run away with me at these wee hours of the morning... and for that I blame the cinema, the world we live in and my roommate Jo.


emily said...

I think it's a valid concern! You should carry pepper spray.

There are way too many creep-o's out there.

I still think you're crazy for getting up so early.

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