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Monday, November 10, 2008

Jamie tagged me on one of those blog list/e-mail forward-esque activities, and for lack of better posting options here goes...

8 Things I am passionate about

1. Swimming
2. Games/Game Night
3. Desserts (cooking, baking, eating, sharing, basically anything to do with them)
4. Movies (I would love to be a part time film critic)
5. Jobabe
6. One song dance party
7. North Carolina basketball
8. Well UNC anything really

8 Words or Phrases I say often

1. ridiculous
2. blahddy blahddy blah
3. curses!
4. it's all good
5. seriously
6. gosh (but with a southern accent more like gash)
7. I can't think of any more.... you tell me

8 Things I want to accomplish in the coming year

1. Quit the Macrackaroni Grill
2. Keep up with the old guys at swim practice
3. Figure out the next phase of my life
4. Move out of Utah
5. Learn to fly
6. Master 5 languages
7. Grow 5 inches taller
8. Dye my eyes blue

8 Places I would love to go or visit (I'm currently on this whole see the U.S. kick, so these are my places to go in the next year or two... i'll start adding world sites after the u.s.)

1. Seattle
2. Portland
3. Grand Canyon (I'm actually going in 2 weeks!)
4. Disney World and all accompanying parks
5. New York City
6. British Columbia (I hear it's gorgeous and the weather is perfect... oh and i do realize this isn't the U.S.)
7. Boston
8. Atlanta

8 Things I need or want (sadly mostly material things came to mind)

1. A pair of jeans that actually fit
2. A new ipod, just one with more memory so I can have all my music with me at all times ;)
3. A bike so I can go on adventures with Emily!
4. Tear away pants (remember the old track pants that button up the side so you could just rip them off, I lost mine and I want a new pair, but I think they quit making them)
5. I could use a new laptop, but i'm still trying to decide how much i care
6. a cute apartment
7. a pumpkin pie shake (mmm mostly it just sounded really good right now, and a kid was talking about them at work)
8. AND world peace (ha ha i couldn't resist the shout out to Miss Congeniality)

And now you pass this along, but I'm not sure anyone reads my blog... however, if you do and you feel so inclined, write a list and I'll read it!


elizabeth said...

I read your blog! I will make a list and get back to you.

Oliver said...

Do you still swim?

caddieman said...

So, I started my own blog now and used this as my first entry. I figured it would make a good intro.

Jamie said...

umm...move to NC and be my roommate. That would help you 1) quit macaroni grill and 2) get out of Utah. Also, add "rude" to your things that you say alot. And do you want to dye your eyes blue or just get blue contacts. And last, when are you goin to the grand canyon and with who? That sounds awesome.

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