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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So Anoop Desai has been on my ipod for about 5 years. My best friend Marti went to Governor School with him. He sang on an acapella group at East Chapel Hill High before joining the Clefhangers and now trying out for American Idol. I have all his cd's and I love his singing. My favorite's are definitely "She will be loved" and "Let's Get It On."

So, Anoop has been picked for the wildcard on American Idol, and although I'm purely just a fan, I feel the need to show my devotion through my blog. So Anoop, thanks for 5 years of great Acapella! Here's to hoping you win!


jamie said...

I went to a Clef Hangers concert the other weekend, and guess who I saw there? ANOOP! Like 20 ft away from me!! I was going to get a picture with him after the concert, but I couldn't find him again. It was a bit sad, but still cool that I saw him. And now he's on American Idol!

elizabeth said...

wow thanks for posting that. I am now a fan!! what a voice.

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