Baby you a star and it's time that you know it

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ok, so I gotta indulge myself for a moment... I'm sorry. (Of course this would fall under the whole journal-ing purpose of blogs, so if you don't want to read this post, well then... don't.)

So occasionally in life people give you compliments that just stay with you. It might be because you just needed to hear that particular statement at that time, but I personally believe it's because the compliment is actually sincere. I'm not trying to say that people never mean what they say when they say something nice; however, I think we generally throw around a lot of "I like your hair today," or "You're a great singer." But, occasionally someone says something to me that catches my attention and just stays with me.

Anyhow, I was chatting with one of my guy friends, who is a great guy to which all I can say is "if only," on facebook and he told me that he was looking through some of my more recent pictures. Then he says "Carla, I don't even care if this makes you uncomfortable, but you're a hottie."

Ha ha, see the point isn't about whether I believe him or not... he just actually gave me a compliment in such a way that I know he believes what he said. Well... and it made me feel pretty good about myself yesterday.

(So there ya have it... in 80 years when my grandkids are flipping through my printed off blog entries, they'll know their grandma was a hottie!)


Jamie said...

heck yah you're a hottie...I wanna know who said it though. :)

jessamyn said...

you're a timeless beauty, like audrey hepburn

Heather said...

You are gorgeous, and always have been... I love the crown picture the best :)

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