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Monday, March 23, 2009

I love television.

I hate to admit it, but I mean I could spend hours watching mind numbing, soul sucking, fat cell accumulating television. I love it all, from the morning news shows to the house shows on HGTV to reality tv show marathons (project runway anyone?) to the favorites on TBS (does friends ever get old?) to TLC to Oprah and even USA and more.

In my defense, I don't. Thank goodness. But the point is that I could. Probably happily. I wish I was one of those intellectual people that couldn't be bothered with television and recognized it as the dribble that it is, which is slowly corrupting our society, and yet...

I allow myself one or two shows with which I can soak up, love, obsess, and completely devote my attention to once a week. These shows allow me to feel the drama and the gamet of emotions in one hour that the Mac Grill either doesn't provide or that I don't really want to feel in my own life, just in the watching of someone else's. In high school, my obsession was Gilmore Girls. I never missed an episode and I loved that show, well still love. They were witty, fast talking, fun and I wanted to be just like that. But, sadly most shows decline at some point. So then I loved Alias. Sydney Bristow was kick-A, and ridiculously intelligent. Ahh, if only I could speak 27 languages, run in heels, and defend myself against pretty much anything. Well of course, Alias went down the drain as well. Then in college Grey's Anatomy came out. Now here's a true guilty pleasure! It's a dirty show, but it has the drama, the hot guys, the medical background (which of course we all know I secretly wish I was a doctor, and I unrealistically wish it was as glamorous as it is on tv). Anyhow, I have followed this show since it started, and admittedly season 1 & 2 were the best, season 3 was ok, season 4 got weird, and though season 5 started off rocky... the last few weeks have reminded me why I have a show, why I plan my schedule around it, and why Grey's is that show.

If you have never watched Grey's, I have a track record of hooking every single one of my roommates on the show, so come over, kick back, and we'll have a good time.

Oh and as if that weren't enough, I also get all my favorite music off this show.

Oh ok, i couldn't leave it at just one


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