I'm thinking over the things that you said

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I've been home for the past two weeks and I've realized that my family might have some small issues with communication.

For those who think I am judgemental and unfairly assessing my family (cause what do I know, when I only come home for Christmas). I say to you, good point. However, here are just two examples from dinner.

Emily: "Yeah my flight leaves at 3 pm and lands at 10 pm."
Mom: "Isn't that amazing that planes are so fast. Although I really liked Mammoth park."

Ummm yes... many faces from Carla... followed by, "I'm sorry, those two sentences are in no way correlated? Am I the only one who is lost?"

(Translation for you: Yes, planes are fast; however, because we drove to Missouri we were able to stop at Mammoth park, which I really enjoyed.)

Now, as though one example ever proved anything. Enter Heather.

Emily: "I really want to learn how to can."
Heather: "Canning requires sugar."

Well, clearly canning requires sugar, so I suppose you would have to hear Heather's tone, but it was said as though sugar was a huge problem. Eventually the missing conversation was explained to me (Emily is on a no sugar diet).

I get what you're thinking... these aren't a big deal Carla. But imagine a whole dinner with sentences missing and soon you're in a puddle of despair wondering what happened to basic english.

May, I also point out that Emily (the english professor) is the common link in these two stories. Just saying...


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