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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some of you might have made fun of me in the past because I frequently proclaim that I'm not sick, because I refuse to get sick. Colds are defiantly warded off by not indulging my runny nose, and mind over matter typically wins.

I, however, am sad to report that I have met my demise whilst chilling in Germany, and I blame the kids. Ha ha, typical I suppose, but seriously I haven't hung around kids in a long time and now I live in the basement apartment of a girl who has two little one's, which we all know are just disease carrying hosts waiting for an unsuspecting college student (post college, whatever) to come their way.

If I was more talented with computers I would post the clip from You've Got Mail where she's home sick and he brings her daisies and she says "my head feels fuzzy." It'd be great and you're blog stalking ways would be satisfied...

Alas, since I lack such skills, I will resort to entertaining you with more of my German discoveries (do not be confused, some of these have no relation to Germany, merely that I am in Germany while happening upon these discoveries).

1. Driving 100 mph on the autobahn is AWESOME! Whoever said speeding doesn't really get you anywhere was wrong. It gets you everywhere, and in a timely manner.

2. Döner equals delicious. See picture.

3. Fake nails are not conducive to winning a competitive game of Nertz. Since my need to win a random pick up game is greater than my need to look good... the likelihood of my ever splurging on fake nails again is slim.

4. Europe is a continent of dehydrated folk. The human body is some 75%ish water... in most of the world. In Europe it's more like 68% beer and 7% water. I recently paid 3 euros (about 5 bucks) for .25mL (about 8 oz) water. This is absurd! Seriously, drinking water is not only a basic human right, but should be complimentary when you're paying 15 to 20 euros for a meal.

From now on, that tacky American seen carrying her own Nalgene bottle into restaurants will be Carla.

5. Germany builds overpasses for animals. They're covered with trees and grass. So animal friendly here...

6. The girls military uniforms seriously need redesigning. I believe I could more than adequately design uniforms that are functional yet not so hideous. In fact I could design uniforms considered flattering, and modest (there's enough sexual harrassment suits as it is). If anyone knows who I should contact about this, let me know. I'm thinking I'll shoot a little e-mail over to Obama with my ideas.

Oh and two funny stories relating to peeps over here:

1. We were at dinner and talking about how people are light/heavy sleepers and one of the girls I'm friends with told a story of how her cat gave birth to kittens on top of her bed while she was sleeping in it. Gross, eh? I'm baffled at how one can sleep through such a strenuous and painful process for any mammal, but then I unfortunately am a light sleeper...

2. The 1 year old girl who lives upstairs is a bit on the chubby side. I was helping her get ready to go out, so i put a shirt on and kept trying to pull the shirt down, but it kept popping up just like the mouse's shirt on cinderella. It was pretty hilarious, and if anyone wants to rub her belly for good luck I'm only charging one euro :)

WELL, that's all for now, heading to France on Wednesday-so stay tuned


Marisha said...

Carla, I love this post and am so jealous that you are having such a great time, inspite of being sick! (: Take lots of pictures and post them soon!

DeeAura said...

Hahah, Gus Gus. :) One time, I was trying to get up a huge staircase with a giant suitcase, and my "friends" just stood at the top and took pictures all the while making such references. RUDE!

I love this post.

Rebecca McDermott said...

Yes. I think it is absurd that people in Europe pay less for beer than they do water over there. Here the beer is expensive and the water free. Shouldn't we be a lot healthier than them. shouldn't they be dying off? and yet it is not so... interesting.

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