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Friday, January 8, 2010

Some ponderings...

So imagine you were stuck on a desert island, and you got to choose one other person to be stuck with you.

Many would choose their boyfriend/girlfriend because they enjoy spending time with them blah blah blah (let's not focus on how selfish it is to choose him/her to be stuck on a desert island, thus ruining his/her future as well).

Ok... it gets a little crazier after this, but stick with me, I'm curious about everyone's opinion.

So, you're on a desert island. Just the two of you. Your options are to get married or to not get married (committing adultery is not an option, we're rolling with the assumption that you are mormon, sorry folks). Now, I realize this wouldn't be a temple marriage, but since you are the only two people on the island you could decide on the law and then lawfully be wed.

So I'm just gonna conclude you choose to get married, because well you chose this person to be stuck with you, and it could be a very long time (or you could die) so you might as well just get married.

So here's my question (finally, right?). Do you just say we're married and that's that, or do you make up some kind of ritual/event/phrase anything to make it feel like you actually did something to pass from singledom to marriage?

I thought there should be something ridiculous such as the gentleman must swim around the island 3 times, followed by blah blah blah...

Items to consider:

1. Is the island the size of the island on Lost? or much smaller?
2. Is there just beach on the island, or do you also have forest?
3. After being on a desert island are you afraid you'll realize you made a poor decision of who to bring?
4. Or are you hoping to be like gilligan's island--who got lost after only a 3 hour tour--pretty much making it highly realistic that you will be found within a week.


Shelli said...

This is hilarious. And I so wish that you were here so we could discuss at length instead of me sneaking on here at work and trying not to get caught.

That being said - the ritual of marriage: consummation. You would make him swim around the island? He'd just have to push me up against a coconut tree.

"C" said...

wow! i was in the middle of doing report cards when i decided to take a break and read your blog...and I AM SO GLAD I DID! haha i can't stop laughing. ok here it goes...

There are a few possibilities of who I would take we can discuss them later...as for the ritual, what he if drowned while swimming laps? i know there is that whole survival of the fittest and all but do you get a second chance to choose someone or are you screwed?

I do like shelli's idea, however, I feel there should be something a little more... perhaps dancing around a fire or at least walking around a coconut tree like 5 times while holding hands? Maybe building you a hut to live in? Just a thought.

Petey said...

Do I really want to answer this question?

Firstly, if there's no one else on the island, then of course there's no chance of adultery, unless you have something for sea turtles.

And what if you choose someone of the gender you don't prefer in an "intimate" way? Will you still marry them?

And further more, isn't marriage the construct of a society? If there's no on else defining your laws, your social customs, or anything else, marriage only exists as you believe in it. In fact the word and act is sort of worthless in my opinion, because being on this island forever negates anyone else's definition of what the two of you have.

Unless you're viewing it from a godly sanctioned ritual (which I'm not) I see no point in swimming around an island three times to show your commitment to someone. Can't you just commit and honor it? No rings, no pool laps, no tax breaks.

think said...


Rebecca McDermott said...

Petey- I didn't know that sea turtles were an option... are they an option. hmmm

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