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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have discovered my new calling in life!

Wait for it, wait for it....

Yeah, you can just feel the excitement building.

I know.

It's gonna be good.

Carla has finally figured out what that elusive "real job" is supposed to be.

ta du ta da!!!!!! Drumroll.....

An Air Force Network radio personality!

What, your face just dropped? Not excitiing? Seriously? You're kidding right? How can you not be as excited as I am?... Ok, let me expound.

Welcome to AFN. There is absolutely no limit to the cheesyness of this network. And why, because they have a captive audience. It is the only english channel for about 80,000 Americans. It posts the news, the exchange rates, military news you can't get on the internet, closings on the base, weather and the military sports teams competitions and outcomes.

Allow me to illustrate some of the segments:

"Soaring through another set of great music, AFN the eagle, serving America's Best" (don't get offended that you're clearly not America's Best because you listen to some other radio station)

"Today there is traffic on the autobahn (seriously?)... The dollar got a little stronger, YAY! It's now .722 to the euro as opposed to yesterdays .721 (yup only a difference when spending thousands of dollars). Also it looks like it might rain today (it rains everyday in Germany). Well that's all for our news, how bout a little nickelback for you..."

They do this bit over then play a single song, and repeat. Yup, the same ridiculous sort of content followed by one, i repeat one song.

Honestly, not only could I do this job. I could do it well. I think I could be infinitely more entertaining, play better music, and have people listen to the station out of desire not just lack of options.

What do you think?
1. Is my ego in need of deflating?
2. Would you host an opposing radio station, in the spirit of capitalism?
3. Would you be a guest on my radio show?
4. Would you veto Nickelback from the radio if you were a dj?

**Complete side note: The title lead me to discover that realize and realise are the same word, only American's use z and other english speaking countries use s. It's very similar to color v. colour. Fascinating, eh? What can I say, we Americans like to be different.**


DeeAura said...

Please PLEASE be a radio talk show host. I promise never to listen to anything else ever again. Hahha.

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