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Thursday, March 25, 2010

So in all my years spent in a swimsuit (interpret... A LOT), I've concluded that it is an amazing swimsuit when it can leave you feeling confident and hot despite your lack of clothing. Unfortunately, this is not true of all suits (see triangle top bikinis), and thus begins my quest for the perfect suit each spring. I love swimming, I love the pool and even more than that I love the beach (despite my absence in recent years). Though in more recent years, I have been easily converted to the convenience of the two piece swimsuits and flattering tankini's, I stumbled upon this suit.

I like it. A lot.

I don't like it's price.

Question: How much is too much for a swimsuit? How much would you pay for this suit? How much would you pay for this suit if you were me (for some of you the fact that I'm still single, child-less, not in school, etc. might affect your answer for me)?


Marisha said...

I have the same battle every year, and I found it is better to invest in one you really love and not have to battle as much the next year cuz you have your "back up" or "staple" suit. I would pay ~ $100 for a good suit for myself. You, being single, rolling in the big dough... haha, whatever else you said... no more than $300. Swim suits can be so pricey, but if they're built well and made to last, I'd invest when you find one you love!

Heather said...

If the suit makes you feel as good as the picture in the magazine, go for it. You love swimming and maybe this summer you can hit the beach

Aubrey said...

Um......... I want it to. Tell me where to find it and I'll get the color you don't get. :)

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