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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

After a particularly toxic day at work, I have complainer's remorse. Though i would like to blame part of this on the job and environment in which I work... upon reading a friend's blog, I decided I needed a little attitutde of gratitude refresher... here goes

I am grateful for

Warm Weather
good friends
a clean house
a boyfriend who tells me I'm gorgeous
Institute (I know, don't die from shock, I actually go sometimes ;)
Ice Cream
My breakast bagel sandwi

hard workouts
Grey's Anatomy (especially this season)


this video


emily said...

bwah ha ha ha!! (That's me with my head thrown back laughing) Thanks for the video, love it!

"C" said...

grey's is sooo good!!! i love it!! definitely one of my favorite seasons.

Marisha said...

I agree, Greys is awesome. That video of the lady falling gets me everytime. it's so freakin funny! i love it! i also love your video on this post. i think i may have posted it on my blog, but can't remember. i'll just come to yours now to watch it! (: when do you move back to the good ol U S of A?

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