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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sometimes, Cary and I have funny conversations. We have a tendency to go back to the same two arguments on a regular basis.

The first argument being Cary loves dogs and I hate dogs, with both of us trying to win eachother over to the other's side. (It's probably a lost cause, but shhh don't tell him I admitted that).

The second argument being Cary thinks girls are more expensive than boys and I disagree, thus constantly trying to disprove this theory, mostly by proving that he is more expensive than me. Sadly, one point for him, as I recently realized that bathrooms all over europe require change to use them. This is clearly a hateful discrimination against women, since we are the civilized gender who don't feel the need to relieve ourselves anywhere and everywhere just because we can. (Don't try to argue that we can't! See this post.)

Anyhow, I digress. The point of the post being our arguments are entertaining because we are both ridiculous. Allow me to illustrate our most recent discussion...

While talking on skype, Cary states that he likes my brown eyes (which you can't even see on skype), which leads to a discussion of brown vs. blue eyes. He then informs me that blue eyes are actually a genetic mutation that can be linked back to one person? How science has tracked a mutation all the way back before DNA tracking is beyond me (and when questioned, Cary just says "don't question science, carla" (ha ha sarcastically of course, don't go on a rant about him believing everything scientific)). Anyhow all of this leads to a discussion of why we have the eye color we have, how genes are passed to your kids, recessive vs. dominant,... blah blah blah....

>>>enter best part of convo<<<
Carla: Basically blue eyes are hot because they're rare.
Cary: No, they're not.
Carla: Yeah, they are. Just think about it. Asians, Africans, South American's all have brown eyes. Then there's all the caucasians with brown eyes. It's like 90% of the world population has brown eyes! (Of course I totally pulled this number out of thin air, but it sounded good...)
Cary: You totally just made that number up. It is not 90% (followed by the eyeroll.) I'm gonna google it.
Carla: (in my head: ha ha crap he totally called my bluff... why am I such a bad liar?) Fine. Look it up.
Cary: (opens first sight) are you kidding me!
Carla: Wait what!?!?! It says 90%? Ha ha ha ha I was so right. Bahaha that's hilarious. I totally just pulled that number out of thin air. That's right. I can't believe you ever even question me.
Cary: Whatever. You're ridiculous (as he continues looking for contradicting research).

Nevermind that I totally admitted that I lied, I was right none the less, and that my friends is what it's all about!


Jamie said...

Ha...I actually knew that was right. Not because Will and I fight about which eye color is better but because I'm always like if we get married our kids will have brown eyes and I want blue eyed, blonde haired babies. Did you know only about 2% of the population has green eyes and they haven't figured out what causes green eyes?

DeeAura said...

BAHAHAHHAHA!!! I MISS YOU! COME BACK! hahahha. I'll stop saying "come back." I promise. By the time you're back here, I'll totally have it out of my system. :)

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