It's like rain on your wedding day

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another fitting title "It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap..."

I got married on thursday! And yes it rained, or poured... or you could say a mini hurricane (a gift from my blessed home state of North Carolina perhaps). But it quit raining just in time to come out and take pictures. It was probably a perfect 70 degrees with a slight breeze, so I hope the pictures turned out well.

Anyhow, we're on our honeymoon in San Diego (yes, go ahead and judge me for blogging while on my honeymoon... but cary is sound asleep and I'm wide awake, soooo.... might as well write for a minute). The honeymoon has been so much fun! We went and saw Cirque du soleil's "O." IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I mean breath-taking, awe-inspiring, astounding, visually overwhelming, and everything else. We've also packed in the zoo, some slots in vegas (don't worry we both got too bored too finish out our dollar each and pretty much walked away), seaworld , wild animal park, and the beach. Pics to come.

It still doesn't feel like I'm married, just on a well deserved vacation.... Maybe it'll hit when we get home. Cary's friends all say it's day 5 when you get annoyed with eachother. Well, day 6 and we're still laughing pretty hard... I guess we'll just take this all one day at a time.

Funny quotes so far:
Vegas guy on the street: "Do you cry yourself to sleep at night because your facebook photo sucks??? Come take a picture with my snake."

Cary is all up in Carla's face, so she responds: (with a lot of attitude) "It's a king size bed dude! You don't have to be right next to me."

Ok, now I can't seem to remember the rest... we've had a couple really hard laughs, but pics to come :)


Marisha said...

Yup, pretty sure it was day 5 when D went to sleep on the couch in our room in Jamaica... then we laughed and he came back. It was all the stress of wedding planning, the let down that it was all over and this was it, and some silly disagreement that just went out of control. It was over within 5 mins but we still laugh. (:

DeeAura said...

HAHAHAHA! Oh my heck I miss you so much. :) I'm so glad you've both had so many laughs, though. Seriously, you both deserve it. Love you lots!

P.S. I've maybe sneak-peeked at those pics, and they're so great!!

Kaley Shoaf said...

I, for one, am glad that you blogged on your honeymoon! We miss you guys!

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