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Saturday, August 7, 2010

So, a few of you (if that) may have noticed my sharp decline in blogging over the last two months. Since I don't do much other than plan my wedding (which you should come to), I have major writer's block.

However, it's not like my life is a total yawn... so here's a couple of the fun things I've been up to...

-Mona Rope Swings: this has been on my bucket list for at least two summers, and it was a lot of fun! it's just a lake about 30 mins away with rope swings tied to tall trees.

-World's Largest Water balloon fight! So much fun!

-Scrabble sundays. My new hobby is playing the computer at scrabble to unwind. It's a little sad, but I love it. My high score is 360 pts. Beat that!

-Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me.... kids movies are seriously awesome this summer.

-Taste of the Valley. For only ten bucks, 24 provo restaurants set up booths and let you come sample some the food they offer and give you coupons. It was delicious and ridiculously filling, I think it was about 3 hours before I could move again.

-30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels. I work out a lot to relieve stress, feel somewhat productive, and to help Cary train for his triathlon. Now I'm doing THE DIRTY DASH, so I seriously gotta be in shape. It's my favorite workout dvd, and it's only $10. Check it out.

-Speaking of THE DIRTY DASH, here's the map. So that's my upcoming excitement! It's gonna be awesome. If you live in Utah, you should most definitely sign up and participate.


Teri said...

The dirty dash sounds like soooooo much fun!I wish they had one in NC! It reminds me of the race Matt and I ran last September called The Great Urban Race. That was a crazy amount of fun!

John said...


So pumped that you are doing our race and blogging about it! Thanks for helping us get the word out. Let me know of you have any questions.


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