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Friday, August 6, 2010

I had horrible dreams last night...

I wish I could blame it on my dinner, but no, I made some delicious pork fajitas (I'm so domestic, seriously ;)

Anyhow, dream numero uno (this is just a quick recap): I'm talking to my sister Emily about her new diet. Emily has had several different food allergies for the past 5 or 6 years including gluten, chocolate, milk, soy, and then recently was struggling with sugar in the diet. Needless to say, this limits ones options for nutritional consumption... so, she consulted with a holistic doctor, who suggested it might be a parasite. Well, in my dream she said that she found out it wasn't a parasite causing her digestive discomfort-that is was a SPIDER!

On comes the nightmare... ugh, how did a spider get in her, and keep living, and cause all these issues for 6 years. So aside from being truly freaked out, I also felt my fear of spiders had been validated (smirk to all of you who make fun of me for being scared of spiders).

Dream 2: I dreamt that I was so busy still trying to pull everything together and get my hair done on my wedding day that I pretty much missed my wedding. I was a little over an hour late, and Cary had left and the temple peeps said I lost my time slot and there was nothing they could do for me. Cary was upset with me for standing him up and wouldn't return my phone calls. So there I am just crying and crying, because I do want to marry Cary (I just also wanted my hair to look good)... and after a while then I'm bawling because what a colossal waste of time and money putting the wedding and honeymoon together all for nothing.

My dad's advice in the dream. Move on and go back to school, ha, he's so practical, even in my dreams.

However, I, of course, was trying to remedy the situation and thought, well I can hurry and call provo temple, they'll have an open slot for a sealing, and then when the provo temple was completely booked I knew it was a dream.

I mean, who gets married in the Provo temple? (I don't think anyone who reads this blog has been married in the Provo temple, but if you were... don't take that personally)

So, here is the beautiful temple that I need to be at by noon on Thursday, August 19th. Help me out and shoot me a text to make sure I don't miss my big day!


Heather said...

I laughed :) Sorry you are having nightmares!

CourtneyMarie said...

Seriously- that picture of a spider is completely unnecessary. I'm going to have nightmares now!!! I hate hate hate hate them. If there is one in my room, i'll sleep in a completely different room for days. HATE THEM!

Rebecca McDermott said...

I like that you posted a picture of a Hobo spider. Only one of the scariest and poisoniest spiders in Utah. And I saw a huge one. sick. Haunting....

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