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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cary and I continue to handle the stress of wedding planning quite effectively with arguments about future pet ownership now escalating to arguments over posterity :)

Allow me to illustrate...

Cary: I read a study online that said that girls who do not grow up with a pet dog are going to be promiscious.

Carla: That's retarded. I didn't have a dog, and I'm not promiscious.

Cary: You're a rare exception. Do you really want to risk our daughters being promiscious?

Carla: Yes, actually, I would love it if our daughters were promiscious!

Cary: That's it, we're not having children!

Carla: Fine, we're still not getting a dog.

(while eating burritos for lunch)

Cary: (burrito juice is dripping down his arms) I wish you had paper towels. You environmentalists are messy people without paper towels.

Carla: Actually, you could argue we're cleaner, because you just had to wash your hands and then dry them off as opposed to just rubbing bacteria around on a dry paper towel, maybe if you could wrap your burrito right you wouldn't be so messy.

Cary: I wrap my burrito right! I just had too much stuff in there.

Carla: No, see you're supposed to wrap it like a baby--all tight like so.

Cary: I will not allow you to wrap our babies! I don't want you wrapping them to give away as presents or to sell, or to smoke or any other kind of wrapping.

Carla: Oh yeah, my babies are gonna be cute, maybe I will wrap them and sell them on the black market.

Cary: They'll call you the Black Market Mama... BMMmmmmm. I won't allow it. We're not having children.

Carla: Whatever, I do most the work... I'll decide what to do with my kids.

Cary: Good luck having kids on your own BMMmmmmmm.


Shelli said...

Please continue to post these arguments. They are hilarious.

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