The itsy bitsy spider... wait, wait, wait hold up

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Itsy bitsy my foot!

(I'm going to refrain from posting pictures on this post, due to the nasty related picture two posts ago)

Let me tell you a story.

So, my room has a spider infestation. Let me explain how I came to this knowledge.

Shortly after moving back from Germany, I was reading my scriptures when a spider fell from seemingly out of nowhere to land on my scriptures and cause a mild heart attack (oh yeah, I have arachnophobia (which is also interesting that "no phobia" is in the name arachnophobia... i digress)). Anyhow, after jumping clear to the ceiling and running out of my room screaming, my life saver (Jo) comes to the rescue and kills the spider.

Well, of course I couldn't just hop right back into bed... thus a horrible night's sleep ensues on my wretched BYU issued plaid couches.

After having had a full day to recover from my trauma, I determine that I can indeed sleep in my bed and proceed to read my scriptures before going to bed, when..... imagine the jaws sound right now.... another spider falls onto my scriptures! Now, having my doubts about scripture study, I call Cary, and being the perfect match for me that he is, he comes and takes everything out of my room, pulls apart my bed and vacuums up about 6 more spiders.


So, I wish that was the end of my story, but no...

Now, about every two weeks or so I have a dream about a spider, only to wake up and make Cary search my room again to find more spiders.

Of course, last night after Cary had gone to bed... my creepy crawly tormenters came out to play. So what do I do?

What any sane person would do! Break into cary's apartment and sleep on his cuddlebag as far away from the spiders as I can get! Sorry to break your honor code housing rules BYU, how about you get managament to spray for spiders?!?!?

Your very tired friend,

**Thank goodness I'm moving in a week**


Mary said...

Ugh. I hate spiders -- they are the absolute worst. I used to have problems with spiders biting me while I slept {I could never find them during the day, and is there anything creepier/ more likely to keep me awake at night?} before I got married. A few weeks ago, I had the same thing happen again. It bit only me, not Christian, for three nights in a row until I not only changed our sheets and vacuumed our room, but bug sprayed all around our bed. I still have a hard time getting to sleep at night; I can't stop imagining that things are crawling on me.

Alaina Nelson said...

ewww that's awful! I'm sorry... I thought bug problems like that only happened on the farm, or in Mexico. Good thing you've got Cary and Jo :)

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