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Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh yeah, Easter happened. And then life happened and Zoey got sick and Cary got busy with school (read: he's not around to distract zoey so I can blog and that girl takes a lot of attention) and I've been devoting all her nap time to working out.

But Easter was great. Here's some evidence.

Zoey and I

Cary and Zoey.... matching yellow polka dots=cute.

Do I have to pose?

Easter bunny was nice and brought Zoey some toys... since she can't eat any of the goods. Next year zo, next year.

We did take family photos, but you know when you've been eating healthy and working out really hard and you feel skinny--and then you see your photo. Yeah, pregnancy obviously doesn't agree with me. So I'll leave you with this video instead, because Easter and the Atonement are amazing.


LMorgan said...

These are great pictures.

Jessica Day said...

Carla. I am also endeavoring to loose the extra poundage baby girl and my lack of self control left me. I am stepping up my healthful eating, but I feel like my workouts could use some more intensity. What has been working for you?

Zoey is so cute. I wish she and Daisy could have a play date, even though they would just roll over each other and probably put each others hands in their mouths. It would still be cute.

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