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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baby girl has her first word down!!

It's "haha."

After she giggles or laughs or we tell a joke, she very clearly pronounces haha.
(If someone wants to teach me how to upload a video, I'll post proof)

Cary argues this isn't actually a word but a sound.
(What a debbie downer--I was already planning on my own little doogie howser being a doctor by 14, so I can charge her obscene amounts of rent allowing me to sit by the pool and drink virgin daiquiri's all day)

Anyhow, since she already has the "h" sound we figured we'd work on "hi" next.

No need to work on mom or dad, she already has those figured out. They are "AHHHHH" and "ACKKKKKKKK", respectively.

I'll post video this week when I catch my 5 month old saying hi on camera. It's pretty great.


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