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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby is 5 months old!

It's been a fun month! You keep us laughing with your haha and giggling. You have mastered rolling and do it during diaper changes and when you can't just holler for us to hand you your toys.

You started solid foods! and boy are you an eater :) You love solids. Sweet potatoes are your favorite, but you will gobble up anything we offer, and you often lunge for whatever we're eating as well. (Don't worry we're just as excited for the good eats to come)

You had another big growth spurt, which meant poor sleep (for mom and dad) most of this past month, but you're finally getting back into your rhythm and you've even started taking normal naps most days.

We pass most our days running errands, going on walks, playing with toys, reading books, and seeing friends and family. You are still just as social as ever and love an audience, but mom is your favorite. You holler until I come, and always smirk at whoever was holding you as soon as you get what you want.

We love you baby girl, and couldn't be happier you're our baby (we secretly think you're the coolest--or at least the perfect baby for this family)!

This pacifier still makes me laugh




Quit taking my picture and pick me up!!!


LMorgan said...

And she loves taking a bath. And her grandma.

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