This is your birthday song/It isn't very long/Happy Birthday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

I turned 26 Saturday!

Happy Birthday to me!

In the past I've recapped my previous years here and here,

Anyhow, 25 was a big year for me.
It was probably my most challenging year thus far, and yet the most rewarding. I became a mother... which will be a whole 'nother post one day. Anyhow, I'd rather post about my fabulous day than the previous years ups and downs.

Cary deserves a huge shout out! He went above and beyond! A few weeks ago a friend posted about birthday freebie's on facebook (just google it)... so I decided to sign up for a bunch of freebie's. Well, I think it started as a joke, but then once all the emails with freebies started pouring in we decided to spend the day on a birthday freebie binge eating tour around town. It was hilarious and fun and delicious!

We started with two bagels and cream cheese at Bruegger's, followed by a sandwich and drink at Jersey Mike's subs (mmm philly cheesesteak for mid morning snack... don't mind if I do), and took Zoey home for a nap. Then headed out for another sub at Firehouse Subs, lunch at McAllister's, salad at Moe's, and then waltzed down Franklin Street for a Krispy Kreme Donut and two Ben and Jerry's scoops!

Thanks to the above mentioned restaurants for the freebies. It was gluttonous, delicious, and perhaps the perfect celebration for some poor students ;)

Cary topped off my evening with a little cheesecake factory, suprise tickets to a clefhanger's concert (my obsession with them is long standing), and tickets to go see Wicked!!!!! I love that man. He knows me so well, and couldn't have picked better gifts for me! Everything I didn't know I wanted and wouldn't have bought to spoil myself.

Pretty perfect day.

Here's some fav songs the clefhangers sang this time, for your pleasure


Kaley said...

I love Moe's! And that was some serious rocking back and forth that they were doing in the "yellow" song. And also...please tell me where to go to sign up for these freebies. I need them. Did you know if you sing up as a Texas Roadhouse roadie they send you an email for a free appetizer on your birthdy? Cheese fries. So worth it. They only send you a few other emails the whole year, some of which include coupons as well.

"C" said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday! I'm so happy cause you totally deserve it! How do you sign up for these birthday freebies?! Share the wealth girl!

Ashley said...

That does sound like the perfect day!! This year will be a good one too! I need to look into those bday freebies....even though I have a while 'til my next one.

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