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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today is Cary and my wedding anniversary!

We felt like after this past year we could use a little get away.
I always feel ridiculous saying "it was a hard year," because let's face it... in the grand scheme, my life is pretty cush.

But, I still felt it would be good for us to get away and regroup, refocus on us, and just enjoy each other while Zoey partied with the grandparents.

Soooo, after scouring the internet for deals away we went to Myrtle Beach while Zoey gleefully soaked up the attention already being poured on her at my parents.

Well, long story short, we ended up back home less than 24 hours later. The trip was a bust, tears were shed, money was wasted, and lessons were learned.

But at least I get to do all these things with this guy!

I wouldn't choose anyone else. Here's to another awesome year!


Amanda said...

Oh no! What happened? I imagine if you wanted to tell the story you would have, but now I am so intrigued and wondering! Haha. Hope you can at least have a nice little date.

Kaley said...

I'm also very intrigued as to why you would ditch out on a vacation. That sounds so sad!

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary!! But what in the world happened?

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