Throw your hands in the air

Monday, August 6, 2012

We love the Olympics.

Our television is on at least 6 hours a day with Olympic coverage.

Of course I'm sure you're experiencing the same thing (if not, jump on this band wagon... it's great).

This is all to say, that it's completely normal that the discussion of which Olympic sport we are gonna steer Zoey towards has come up.

Everyone tells us she shows potential as a gymnast. She has a short mother. She is extremely flexible (even more than most babies, pediatrician confirmed). She has great upper body strength. And now my sisters have taught her how to "stick it", she can flick her fingers with her hands in the air like a USA champion.

Personally, I'm against judged activities. I also think it would be nice to pick a sport that is a)not so absurdly expensive b)not so dangerous c)can be performed past your 20's. What do you think? What sports would you choose for your kids?

(Cary and I also discussed our own potential as olympic athletes--I think I could definitely be a coxswain. Watch out Rio...)


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