It's always a good time

Monday, August 27, 2012

Zoey's had a lot going on this week.

She has...

...a tooth coming in, finally!
...a new favorite food, hello string cheese.

She learned... wave and say "buh-bye" give kisses when asked for one

She is...

...taking steps 2-3 at a time
...laughing hysterically throughout the day. She LOVES laughing, and it makes me laugh.

Basically she's a pretty awesome baby. I hope she still likes us (parents) when she realizes we're not very cool.... and forgives us for the bath shots...


Kaley said...

I love your child even though I've never met her. The combination of the two of you has got to be the funnest baby ever.

Ashley said...

I love the bathtub shot!!!

And she probably won't like you in 16 years...but she'll definitely still love you :-)

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