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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Highlights of Fall Break (a.k.a. my L.A. and San Diego trip)

1. (lists are more fun than paragraphs, so here we go) WICKED! This play was amazing. 'Nuff said. You know how some plays you enjoy, but you wouldn't ever pay to see it again, Wicked is not that play. I could see this one over and over and over.

2. Shamu spinning on the platform in the pool, almost like the breakdance move, the coindrop. And yes, Shamu is still alive (or at least a killer whale named Shamu... it's kind of like saying Jesus is alive, because there's Jesus' everywhere (although, it could be the original, the whales live long in captivity, one was 42 years old)).

3. The Waffle. A delicious little restaurant we happened upon at which we ate delicious waffles for dinner. I love places that serve gourmet breakfast foods all hours of the day. I had carrot cake waffles with some tasty syrup and cream cheese sauce.

4. There was a Race for the Cure in Balboa Park, in San Diego on sunday, and we saw a black t-shirt with two baseballs on the front that said "Don't let breast cancer steal second base." Ha. (I think it's better than the save the ta-ta's shirts).

5. Four trys to gas up Cassie's VW Jetta. So I pull up to gas up and get out of the car only to realize that the gas tank is on the wrong side of the car (a.k.a. the passenger side). So, a little frustrated, I pull a U-turn to the pump on the other side, only to realize that I'm an idiot and I'm still not on the required side in order to fill up. So I pull around in a circle to get the passenger side next to the pump, get out, and realize that this time I have pulled up to a diesel only pump. At this point I am ready to forget getting gas, but Cassie after laughing hysterically comes to my rescue and pulls the car up to a pump where I can proceed to gas up.

So, those are the best highlights. We also went to Universal Studios on Friday. It was a lot of fun, but there's a lot more shows than rides, and Disney is just basically better, but Jurassic Park was a really fun ride, and The Simpsons was cool too. In SeaWorld we also went to a dolphin show which was cool, but the seal show was one of the best because they had a halloween special and danced to thriller. It was pretty S-I-C-K, that means sick. Oh and the weather was perfect. I got a sunburn. And we realized that it is practically impossible for me to get lost (a little to my own disappointment). That's about all. Overall, a pretty respectable fall break!


emily said...

Becky has a pink t-shirt that says:

are worth fighting for

but of course "Great Breasts" is is way big font, and the rest is smaller. It gets a lot of stares.

"C" said...

Haha we really need to make t-shirts like that!! we need to start planning our next adventure!!

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