Woke up early this morning, and made my coffee like i always do

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Actually I don't drink coffee. But I bet I'd be in a better mood in the morning if I did.

So I woke up at 5 and was a bit cranky because I got less than 5 hours of sleep and I was about to go get the pulp beat out of me (aka swim practice). As well as leaving my warm bed to enter the frigid utah air only makes matters worse. So as I stumble out the door mumbling and grumbling about the cold and my lack of sleep I hear some rumbling on one of the balconies on the second floor. I look up to find a couple shifting around trying to get comfortable while they attempt to sleep on a hammock on the balcony.

Somewhat alarmed, but mostly amused I considered the possibility of screaming at them to just go inside and sleep on the couch. I mean honestly. Stupid BYU students who try to be all technical about not breaking the honor code, by not having a boy in your apartment after midnight... but I'm pretty sure BYU would frown upon sleeping with the boy out of your apartment as well. Aside from the fact that neither 20 degree weather nor sleeping in a hammock with another person are very comfortable.

Anyhow, rather than blurt out all these thoughts that raced through my head in 20 seconds, I just laughed... out loud. I hope they heard me. I'm still laughing. Oh life in p-town, don't you wish you lived here!


Fish Nat!on said...

stupid byu students. but really they have to pull crap like that, with all of the rats around, just waiting to turn people into the honor code. byu is an effing joke

Oliver said...

Carla that is such a classic story.

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