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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The bail-out bill just passed in the Senate.

My roommate is getting a Master's degree in economics. Between her rantings and flipping through her fun subscription to the Economist magazine, I've recently decided that I should probably be concerned about the economy. I don't agree with the bill, and I think the only reason it passed in the Senate is because only 1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election this year and so the majority doesn't care what their constituents want, while practically all the members of the house are up for re-election and they actually have to listen to the people who write them nasty letters if they want to be re-elected.

The 700 billion dollar bill, wait let me repeat that, seven hundred BILLION dollar bill is supposedly going to help with the economic crisis, but no one is really sure that it is. So, why would we spend an unfathomable amount of money to fix a problem that we're not sure can be fixed? Because congress isn't full of economists. We just have charismatic, good-looking individuals who can read a que card especially well and dribble on about change.

So, with the largest bank failure in U.S. history under our belt, and in anticipation of what might be the new "great depression," I'm wondering if I should go buy the expensive bike I want now before my money isn't worth anything and we can't get gas for our cars, or wait and save my money for more neccesary items such as food (my parents don't think the fat on my bones would sustain me for a week).

I suppose this is kind of a bleak outlook on the inevitable recession that is creeping up on us when really I think there will be some great consequences even if the next 10 years kind of suck. Let's see... the day of american's living beyond their means is over, this might appease the terrorists for a little while with the attitude we americans are getting what we deserve, and the second coming is getting closer.

And to think you all make fun of me for buying ridiculous amounts of cereal. Feel free to stop by when you're hungry :)


emily said...

Can I have some cereal too?

You should totally go out and buy that bike. Spend the money now and then you will have a bike to ride when they start rationing gas (hehe - I want you to get that bike because because I love it too).

I'm not sure about all elected officials being charismatic and good-looking. I've watched the sessions before and many of them often sound bored, drunk, and totally out of touch. I just looked over my absentee ballot and I've never even heard of half of those running for state offices - and I bet I am more informed than most - that's what's scary.

Joanna said...

ha ha, so after watching the vp debate i have to laugh at myself... i said "let me repeat that" and then i made fun of biden who just kept saying "let me say it again." As if someone had just tuned in to the debate "now let me say it again."

yeah, i should go buy the bike, but am i gonna be able to bike it in the winter here, or should i just wait til spring?

Carla said...

Curses! I always forget that if i'm jo's computer i have to switch to my name, anyhow, the above comment was me as well.

Kelly said...

You are scaring me. Don't even get me started on food storage.

"C" said...

haha i love reading your always puts a smile on my face with that sacrastic humor!! i vote buy the bike!!

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