Who Needs Sleep? Tell me what's that for

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So I've developed a new talent/condition/hobby.... wait for it.... Narcolepsy! I have developed the ability to fall asleep practically anywhere and at anytime I am given the opportunity. It's beautiful.

Minus the fact that I'm not given the opportunity very often. In fact, it might not even be classified as Narcolepsy, because I'm sure Narcolepsy has something to do with neurons and systems not operating properly, and I'm pretty sure my talent/condition/hobby is a result of my new schedule. Basically I arise before the dawn has cracked (5 am for those unfamiliar with this ungodly hour) to then have my muscles ripped from my bones and shredded simultaneously (aka swim practice). Two hours later I head home in the freezing utah dawn to catch up on news before I go in to work.

I know what you're thinking... quit crying, there's enough water in the pool already. I know. I actually love it, despite the miniscule sane part of my brain screaming "what is wrong with you." I just wanted to let you know, next time I fall asleep during dinner, a phone conversation, a movie, pretty much anytime... it's nothing personal. Besides, i just keep telling myself (as the BNL said) "Who needs sleep? be happy with what you're getting. There's a guy who's been awake since the Second World War."


emily said...

Seriously...stop getting up at the butt crack! I sooooo don't approve. It's just wrong to be up before the sun.

Does this swim team compete? How many members are on the team? I need more details in order to be ok with it.

Kelly said...

Awake since World War II? That is amazing! Can you imagine how much you could get done? You could work a whole extra full time job and be rich and retire at age 35 and move to the Bahamas!

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