I've been a fool for lesser things

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Despite the failing economy and needed car repairs and expensive certification exams I should be taking, I've decided to invest my money in other areas of my life. Namely, the development of my appreciation for the arts.

I am going to see Wicked! I'm going to LA/San Diego for the weekend. I am so excited. Even though this trip is totally not in the budget, I believe it is totally worth it. As my sister said "You're only 22 once." AMEN.

So, Cassie and I are headed down to L.A. where we will see Wicked and go to Universal Studios and then we will head down to San Diego where we are going to SeaWorld (I really really want to see Shamu) and hopefully we'll hit up the beach.

Hopefully, I'll actually have some awesome stories and pictures to post about. Until then... it's work, work, work for me (gotta make money for souvenirs and postcards :)


"C" said...

I am soooo excited for our trip!! I have a million things to do until but I dont even care...I just wanna go!!! Shamu and sunshine here we come!!

Jamie said...

I'm so jealous!! And you saying you're only 22 once made me feel so old so let's not talk about age okay.

Heather said...

So.... was it the most awesome thing you have ever seen!?

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