All I know is that you are on my mind

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I have this annoying habit. I find songs I like and then I proceed to listen to said song over and over. I really only suspect that this is an annoying habit, as I am alone about 87.6% of the time (due to my increasingly smaller work schedule, and roommates who vacation more at the apartment than actually reside here). Today's song is Kalai's "On My Mind." I've probably listened to it at least ten times already today. I tend to play the song over and over until I know the words so well, I'm not thinking about the lyrics when the song plays. Then I know I need to find a new song. Anyhow, I only share because I presume I only have about 8 hours left with this song, so I'm open to suggestions for tomorrow's obsession...


Petey said...

Yeah, i don't really do this because I listen to weird selections like... movie scores. But there is the offhanded chance that I catch a bit of a song and then its all over until I listen to it again.

I've had Missy Elliot stuck in my head for the past week. Its a little annoying, as she became the theme song to my vacation, since every event has her in the background of my mind. Somebody kill me.

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