Sing Along

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I often drive with my windows down, music blaring, singing along shamelessly. As I waited at the stop light today there was a biker waiting to cross the rode dancing (if you can call it that) and clearly enjoying his music. I kinda chuckled, as most people do, when they see someone oblivious to the world singing their hearts out to whatever is playing on their Ipod, but why? I often get self conscious when I pull up to a stoplight and I've been singing at about 90 decibles. Why? I got a good laugh at the poor bikers expense, and why not let others get a good laugh at my expense. It doesn't hurt anything, and if anything I'm cheering up America's drivers (which with the incredible stupidity that is known as Utah Drivers, should be considered a public service). So next time you pull up beside me rocking out to All American Rejects "Dirty Little Secret" (don't pretend like you've never rocked out to it), pull out your Ipod, find "Dirty Little Secret" (we both know it's on your Ipod), and join me. It boosts endorphins.


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