Your love is my heart disease

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life was so much easier when clothes didn't match and boys had cooties.

I used to think I understood guys. I grew up around guys and I've always been more inclined to be friends with guys. I don't mean this in a harsh or critical way, but guys thinking is just more simple. It's typically a thought followed by an action. There's usually a pretty clear motive behind their actions if you know the person or look at the big picture. Girls, on the other hand, are so complicated we confuse ourselves. It's thoughts back and forth and back and forth and sometimes you end up with an action that came from some logical reasoning and sometimes things just got all muddled up in the back and forth and you're left with our crazy antics.

I also used to think that I could be one of the guys. I could keep things simple if I wanted to. You say something that ticks me off and I just punch you, or you ask if i want to hang out with you and I respond "no, i'm ticked at you right now... maybe some other time." Sure, I am a girl and by that right, I suppose I'm crazy like all girls. In our defense, I say to the male audience: You try dealing with ridiculous amounts of hormones pumping through your body at fluctuating levels every day of the month. "It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." EXACTLY. So cut us some slack. However, despite even the disclaimer, I've convinced myself that I have a remarkable ability to step outside my emotions and identify when it's the hormones talking and live my life in a rather rational and logical manner. And yet...

I don't understand boys. Sometimes I swear they're about as bright as lava lamps. I am of course speaking purely on a relationship level. Why do guys treat some girls with respect and not others? Why do they think it's alright to call one girl just to make out, but they would never consider calling this other girl? What causes them to make these judgements about girls? And more curiously, why are some girls good enough to be a friend, dare i say even a best friend, a confidante, your right hand man, but she's not good enough to date?

Now, i almost wish someone read my blog so i could get a response to my questions... Alas, I'm left with only my ponderings.


Petey said...

Well, I'm obviously the wrong guy to ask. But I will say that men are victims of hormones as much as anyone...

Of course ours are telling us to constantly have sex, so that might be a factor. I don't understand women and I don't understand men either. Many guys have just as many meltdowns as the ladies, you just have to get to know them better to recognize it.

And perhaps your woes come from being one of the guys...

Men are inherently stupid, and it takes them a large amount of time and experience, and often painful situations to realize what they truly want, and not what they think they want.

All I know, in knowing you is that he, whomever he is, may think you're good enough for the best friend role, but doesn't see you in the dating light, will probably end up married to some bitch and realize that you are the girl he wished he married.

Quite frankly, you just need somebody who appreciates you for how hella cool you are. Which you are, naturally or we wouldn't be friends.

But when you find him, no doubt he's worth the wait.

Sorry... I'm rambling.

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