Does this make me look fat?

Monday, July 14, 2008

So I was watching a movie this afternoon in which the Mother says to her son, "That shirt makes you look fat." He replies with "I am fat. In fact, if anything, I make the shirt look fat." After the appropriate burst of laughter, i got to thinking... That's a very valid, if not mildly ridiculous point. Why do we always blame the article of clothing for our inability to resist the haagen dazs dark chocolate chocolate ice cream bar, or our need to eat seconds and thirds of everything. Now, if i went along with the theme of the movie, I'd say to heck with it. You're FAT. Own it. But alas, the exercise science major that I am... I say yeah, enjoy that ice cream... then go run 3 miles at the gym and give that shirt the hot body it deserves to be seen on ;)


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