Bare Ass meets Cheese Grater

Friday, July 25, 2008

There are few things worse than job hunting.... Sliding down a human cheese grater buck naked is the only thing coming to mind right now. Dear lord, please bless me in my job search because I might not last much longer and waiting tables for the rest of my life is a pretty dismal life.

In other news, I got new sheets and pillows and I'm pretty stoked to go to bed tonight. (Yes, I know... the highlights of my life are new sheets and So You Think You Can Dance... don't mock, one day you might be in my position, and then won't you feel like a jerk!)


Petey said...

I hate job hunting. And I hate waiting tables. What's a boy (or girl) supposed to do? Not that we don't already have said discussion at work of course. Its hard not to because I get sucked into your negative attitude...

: )

And how many thread count sheets are we talking? Cuz that just might make my life too...

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