Everybody's looking for Love

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Funny Story number 1:

While driving to Amsterdam I hit a traffic jam, and since it was a beautiful day I was driving with the windows rolled down and singing to my hearts content (it was the song "Be a Man" from Mulan, yes go ahead and laugh). Well these French guys drove past and gave me an approving thumbs up with a big grin, making sure to make eye contact. Ha ha ha. Was I embarassed... perhaps. Did I just sing louder? Yes.

Ponderable number 1:

Once when listening to Parachute's song "She is Love", Cary mentioned that the
song lyrics don't make sense to him. So it came on the ipod shuffle today and got me thinking... what if "her" name was actually Love. Then it would totally make sense, and this got me thinking about naming your kid Love. It would be kind of funny to always be saying "hey love, over here" or "love, you're ridiculous."

Funny Story number 2:

While in the gift shop at the Cheese and Clog Factory, there was an elderly spaniard gentlemen looking around. He was inspecting the chocolate and asked the clerk how much it cost and the clerk replied "one euro." He turns to his wife with his eyes all lit up "IT'S ONLY ONE EURO!!!!" Ha ha ha you would have thought he was a 3 year old kid who's mom is letting him pick out a candy at the grocery store. I laughed out loud.


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