They say it's your birthday

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last year I wrote a birthday post recapping the year, so I figured why not again review the most exciting developments of my life in the past year...

The top twenty three things I did/happened while I was 23

23. Pride most of the year for Tarheels winning the National Championship in 2009

22. Discovered Blistex Raspberry lemonade chapstick... amazing

21. Jo and I discovering our talent for picking locks

20. Rang in the New Year in ATL, what what (without the voice that will just sound retarded)

19. St. George/Vegas trip to watch BYU v. UNLV

18. Consume ridiculous amounts of gelato in the past 2 weeks

17. Drive the autobahn

16. Wakeboarding on Utah Lake

15. Discover pie/cupcake shakes @ Sammy's in Provo

14. Showing heather the tastier side of Provo

13. Slurpee runs to 7-11

12. Finally starting my gnome collection. They're pretty freakin' awesome. Just saying.

11. Thriller (a dance production). It was amazing. Anyone who loves dance shows should go this coming year.

10. An overall great summer full of shenanigans, Seven Peaks, "Not Tub" parties, late nights, yard prayer with boys v. girls competitions, and other fun.

9. I got my dream calling! Munch and mingle co-chair

8. Visited Paris

7. Quit Macaroni Grill! (Twice... ha ha oh jo... technically I did quit twice, but this time for good)

6. Went to London and enjoyed broadway

5. Worked for a month in germany as an on-the-road developer for Macaroni Grill

4. Spent a long weekend in Seattle

3. Moved to Germany/Living in Europe

2. Black Eyed Peas got back together!!! (ok maybe this list isn't in exact order)

1. Met Cary and convinced him to keep dating me for most of my 23rd year... now, let's see what we can do about 24 :)


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