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Saturday, April 3, 2010

I love conference weekend.
So much inspiration and information in such a small amount of time. It's always too much to soak in at once... that compounded by my human foibles which cause me to dose off or zone out during at least one of the talks...
But I still love conference, and even though I'm in Germany this year, I look forward to plunking down at midnight and watching it with my late night snacks. It'll be late but at least I don't have to roll out of bed early :)
Here's my favorite talk from last conference:

I love Elder Holland because he speaks with such power and assurity. This is the most powerful testimony of The Book of Mormon that I have ever heard in my life. It inspired me when I heard it, and continues to inspire me every time I read it.

Also, in my efforts to become more spiritually prepared for general conference I've been reading other inspirational talks and scriptures. Though not a general conference talk, or from an apostle of the Lord, this BYU Professor spoke on avoiding those things in life that counterfeit happiness. It's a great talk.
It's totally worth your time.
She's funny, and I appreciate anyone who can tastefully blend humor and the gospel.

my new mantra that I read on my cousin, Emily's, blog
"Spirituality yields two fruits.
The first is INSPIRATION to
know what to do.
The second is POWER, or the
do it."
-Richard G. Scott, Apostle of the Lord


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