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Friday, April 23, 2010

I've never been so happy to get out of a city as I was to get out of Brussels...

So I decided to salvage a trip despite mother earth's protests and figured I'd hit Brussels and Amsterdam in a little 3 day trip.

Downsides of travelling by yourself

1. 6 hours driving/just thinking is well... boring

2. There's no one to take pictures of you/with you

3. When you get lost in downtown brussels you panic, because there aren't lines on the street, they have like 7 way intersections, and a lack of street signs. Also cars drive in the trax lane (the aboveground metro? I don't know the official name), tell me that's not a recipe for disaster when I'm the only one looking around.

4. Hostels are much more fun with at least one other person

Reasons I haven't turned around and gone home

1. It was nice to be in a country that spoke French... and though the belgians tend to have a reputation of being rude and not willing to converse with Americans, I found it difficult to get them to speak French with me. Everyone automatically replies in English.

2. Amsterdam is beautiful

3. Although this hostel is unlike any other hostel I've seen/stayed at... ... it's kind of eclectic and interesting in it's own way. But, yeah pictures to come and/or view http://lucky.greenwave.nl/

4. Thank heavens for Mcdonald's! I left my folder of addresses and destinations at home. So i didn't have any info (address, phone number, name) of the hostel I had booked. So after mild (read major) panic I decided to stop at Mickey D's and check for wi-fi. Sure enough they had it... thank goodness. I was able to check my e-mail and all was well.

5. Borrowing my friend's GPS has been a life saver. Europe isn't the best at clear road signs. Oh and it totally beeps at you everytime there's a traffic camera ahead (europeans don't use cops, just random cameras all over to catch you speeding). Too bad I didn't figure out what the beeping meant until the 3rd or 4th time... fingers crossed the cameras weren't working ;)


Rebecca McDermott said...

yeah I didn't like Brussels that much. I liked Bruges though. you are adventurous to go by yourself.

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