I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city

Sunday, April 25, 2010


-Again, Amsterdam/Holland is beautiful! I love the surrounding towns, but I also liked the feel of the city center. So many people are out biking and all the families and shop owners go out in the afternoon and soak up the sun on their front steps and porches. Everyone was very friendly, and always comforting-most everyone speaks english.

-I went to a cheese/clog making factory. Odd that these two are together? Yeah I suppose. Anyhow, the factory is in the small fishing town of Volendam. Which is green and reminds me of the grassier areas of North carolina right before you cross the bridge to Topsail Island. So I never understood the point of wooden clogs. I figured they were just for decoration. During the tour they demonstrated making a shoe (fascinating) and it's easy to carve the shoe because the wood is so wet, but after 6 weeks drying they are permanently waterproof, which makes them useful for gardening (where most people wear them.) Also, traditionally a boy had to make a pair of shoes for the girl he wished to marry and if she liked the shoes he married her... I can totally picture a modern chick flick running with this idea and implementing the mandatory Jimmy Choo's. So long story short people actually wear the shoes.

-More gelato tastings: Not as good as Germany's gelato, but kiwi gelato is quite delicious!

-The Anne Frank house. What an incredible story. I read the book before, but the house is just so amazing. It's such a testament to the will to live, and making the most of crappy situations. But I couldn't get over the tragedy that after all those years in hiding all but Otto Frank died in concentration camps. Though his is probably not the only case, I can't imagine the struggle of living through Auschwitz and being liberated only to find your family and closest friends have all been killed. Though your heart breaks for the lost dreams of such a promising young girl as Anne, part of me can't even fathom the challenge of being the one left behind.

-I really wish Utah girls and European girls could somehow meet eachother. It just seems really funny in my head. The utah poof, heavy make-up, stiletto's versus the air dried, make up free, acid wash jean, 80's loving look of europeans. I like to think of myself as a happy medium... of course some might call that a lack of fashion/style... whatever (eye roll).

-The hostel though a little reminiscient of camp, turned out great. It had clean comfortable rooms, hammocks to enjoy the sunshine, friendly staff who were able to point me in the right direction, free internet, parking and breakfast. Oh and it wasn't in the red light district... So basically it was the best deal I could have gotten. It was a perfect location to get where I needed to go, yet have a relaxing vacation as well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone backpacking europe.

-Keukenhof Gardens were absolutely stunning! I'm in love with a country that supports itself off growing flowers, what an awesome export. It smells so good. Anyhow, I would say pictures to come, but my camera died :( Soooo here's the websites with random other people's pictures if you're interested http://www.keukenhof.nl/uploads/

-Really the only downside, is the sickly sweet smell of marijuana that permeates the area. Of course, if you're in to that kind of thing...


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