And I'll tell you baby it was easy

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tucker is 1 month old... 
and some change 
(still learning this new balancing act...)

stats on Tucker:

-He weighed 9 lb 9 oz at his one month appt. which put him in the 40 percent, can't remember his length but it's the 20 percent. So he's chubbing up a little :) and shorter than zoey was but I'm hoping part of that is from coming early (and bless you for that child).

-Gave up his first smile today! It's the biggest smile I've ever seen on a baby and completely worth the wait! I'll catch it on camera soon.

-Still master of the skeptical grump face.

-Great sleeper! He probably sleeps about 18 hours a day! He has even started giving me a chunk at night about 10:30 pm to 4 am, which is very generous of a one month old... and not to sound ungrateful, but he then wants to be up til 6 am and then zoey is up at 7 am, and well, the 4 am wake up is just kinda brutal.

-Not really much else to say. He doesn't track me yet, and is definitely not as busy as Zoey was at this age, which had Cary and me a little worried about his hearing/eyesight. But, after some unscientific tests we've concluded he's just a chill baby and doesn't really care when we're all making loud noise.

-Oh and I'm still his favorite. There's nothing quite like cuddling with a little baby, and I try to focus on how much I love it instead of what I could get done if he'd sit with his dad.

Basically, he's still my perfect baby. So easy, so easy going... we're all pretty smitten with this little man!


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